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1727 Wine & Liquor Delivery in the Capital Region


17|27 Wine & Liquor Delivery: We are Here for You!

History books tell us that in the year 1727, New England settlers were rocked by a major earth quake that shook the ground beneath them.

Today, 17|27 Wine & Liquor Delivery is shaking things up with a new way to shop your favorite wine and liquor in New York State’s Capital Region. By contracting with local merchants, 17|27 Wine and Liquor Delivery brings your favorite drinks right to your door with same day delivery, in as little as an hour or two. Whether you ran out of wine at your dinner party or you just don’t feel like going out, you can choose from hundreds of your favorite products from the convenience of your home, and have them at your door in no time flat!

17|27 Wine and Liquor Delivery is changing the game. With fast and easy secure online ordering, it’s a breeze! And because 17|27 contracts with local stores your money stays local too, supporting the hardworking businesses in your own community. What’s not to love about that?

Live in a rural area? Yeah, we’ll probably deliver to your house, too. With a truly massive delivery area, 17|27 Wine and Liquor Delivery provides service across 5 counties in the capital region. And yes, it’s still same-day.

Because we’re talking wine and liquor here, we want you to know that 17|27 Wine & Liquor Delivery takes your safety very seriously. We’re proud of our role in reducing impaired driving. You must be 21 years old with a valid, government issued photo ID to utilize this service. Any representative of 17|27 or its contracted merchants reserves the right to refuse sale if you cannot produce a valid form of identification, or if we suspect that there will be underage drinking at your location.

Ready to give it a try? Type your zip code and let’s roll. 17|27wineandliquordelivery.com – it’s a game changer!

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