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17|27 delivers Wine & Liquor across the Capital Region in NY state.

red face

You Asked, We Answered Ever wonder why you get a red face when you drink? when you’re enjoying your drink of choice, you suddenly feel like your face is on fire? You’re hot, sometimes sweaty, and visibly red. This annoying

gin and vodka

You Asked, We Answered So, what is the difference between gin and vodka? Both are distilled, clear spirits made predominantly from grain. They both start with neutral grain alcohol for a base. They are often used interchangeably in a wide

1727 wine and liquor delivery in the capital region

1727 Wine and Liquor Delivery in the Capital Region is Changing the Game! Have you ever thrown a party and run out of wine or liquor? It’s such a bummer. But no worries- we’ve got your back! Introducing 1727 Wine

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